all is well

all is well

love real estate was designed from the first day to be different than the typical corporate based real estate office

in the large franchise corporate real estate offices it's all about the numbers, how much, how fast, and on to the next one

the agents are taught to 'act' like you matter, just enough to get the sale, and then get those numbers posted on the big board

below the surface, you know they see you as a number, as a sale, as a means to an end

i know this because i worked in those corporate real estate offices for over ten years, and they were all the same

the brokers would rather the agents did a poorer job for each client but did it with more clients

i'm conscientiously incapable of doing anything other than the best for everyone i meet, in life, and in business

and i've found a very select few others who feel the same way

so we created love real estate

love real estate allows us to take care of the client in every way

if you want a specific type of home, we find exactly that home

when it’s time to sell your home, we sell your home

on either side we get you the best situation possible while treating you like the wonderful person you are

it’s enjoyable for us to serve you as a natural extension of being wonderful people having a free and easy experience of life, as excellent real estate agents and as excellent people

but don't think it's all just good feelings

we handle it, whatever 'it' is in each situation, we handle it exceedingly well, so that you can relax and know that every rock was turned over, every possibility considered and maximized to your benefit, everything you need done is done and everything you need to get is got for you

it's simply good people taking care of good people

feel free to visit the testimonials page to hear from others who have worked with us and found that you can enjoy the process as much as the result

then contact us in whichever way you prefer, email, phone, or text

when love means having all of your needs graciously and happily met... is all you need