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A sweet friend of mine called me recently and said, "Did I somehow get removed from your email list, because I haven't seen a newsletter in a while and I really enjoy reading them!" 

I smiled and laughed when I heard that and reassured her that she wasn't the only one not getting our newsletters!  Somehow it's been about a year since I've shared love in this way... and I really enjoy doing this!  What I do know is that when it happens it's inspired and I will only give you the good stuff/the truth/the inspired.    

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all is well,

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Cindy Davis, my awesome mom.  (photo courtesy of Cory Ryan photography)

Cindy Davis, my awesome mom.

(photo courtesy of Cory Ryan photography)

When my mom was 18, she graduated from high school (barely), got pregnant, got married, and moved from a small farm house filled with family to a small apartment in Detroit where she was alone all day until my dad came home at night. 

Last week, my mom (who has now been happily married to my dad for 43 years) retired from a long and incredible career as the nurse practitioner everyone absolutely loved to see. 

Her patients would drive hundreds of miles and sometimes wait for hours, even though other providers were available, so that they could be seen by her.  She’s soooo good.  She cares about you, your health, and she takes the time to teach you and answer your questions in ways that make sense to you.  She’s super funny and insanely enthusiastic!  She’s warm and loving and a brilliant diagnostician!  She's really an awesome woman, an amazing nurse practitioner and by grace, she is my mom.

How in the world did she do it?  How did she make it? 


Support makes life better and in a lot of cases, support makes life possible.

My dad believed in my mom from the very beginning and he never stopped believing in her.  Being 15 years older than her and having traveled the world as a green beret before they met, my dad was/is the gift from God she needed (and the gift I needed too). 

When I was in kindergarten, my dad helped my mom enroll in college when she didn’t think she was college material.  Sometimes, she ended up taking me with her to classes; I sat quietly next to her with my notepad and pencil and learned about things like cow brains. 

Over time, my mom became a nurse…and when that happened, my dad retired so that I wouldn’t be home alone.  (Support.)

My mom worked the afternoon shift on the cardiac unit at the hospital which meant my dad and I would drop her off at work then come back around 11:00 pm to pick her up.  My mom was capable of driving herself to work but my dad and I did this because we liked to be there when she was done with a long shift (and I know my dad didn’t want her walking to her car alone that late at night).  Some of the best times I had with my dad were being with him in the car, doing nothing, but simply waiting, together.

Years went on and my mom got her master’s degree, then her nurse practitioner license.  She served on boards, trained and coached hundreds of nursing students, worked with patients who were un-insured and under-insured, traveled to the Dominican Republic and Haiti on medical missions and then built a private practice of over 7000 adults and children who absolutely love her. 
While my mom was taking care of thousands, my dad was taking care of her.  And while my mom was taking care of thousands and my dad was taking care of her, they both were taking care of me and showing me how good it is to be supported and to support. 


When Evan and I started love real estate, my parents believed in us from the very beginning and have never stopped believing in us. 

Their support has made it possible for us to build a company that is focused on helping you get what you want…and this past year, we’ve been able to do that in such beautiful ways. 

Evan and I had different starts in life; he didn’t have the support early on, and yet we made it to the same place because our interests have always been on love and greatness.  Evan will be the first to tell you, though, that support is better

All of this, we give to you.  We bring you our lifetime of experience focused on love and greatness so that we can support you in real estate and in all of life. 

When love means having all your needs graciously and happily met, love is all you need. 
All is well,
dominique and evan