yes, that's right, mobile offices

how cool is that

currently we are outfitting two mobile offices

the main mobile office is being built in a 2016 Mercedes Sprinter van

some of the cool points are that it is a short wheel base for easy driving and parking in any neighborhood, but it is a high roof so you can stand up in it unless you are a very tall person

it is jet black with matching full gloss jet black wheels, and it comes with factory four wheel drive (an option that most people have to order a year in advance)

but the thing that makes it different even from the already rare 4x4 option, is that this Sprinter has sliding doors on both sides that extend all the way to the ceiling, you can literally look right through it

we can meet you at the beach or at the park and have a beautiful view and breeze flow through while having a fun and easy conversation about your needs and wants in real estate

it is being outfitted with a full lounge complete with couch, table, ottoman, wifi, computer, printer, and even a hidden cooler

very cool

the other mobile office is the 'mini' mobile office

this one is being built in a bright lime green high roof 1970 Volkswagen bus

it has bucket front seats and the 'walk-through' option to access the back, which is being built out with a full width bench seat facing forward with a side hinge table and jump-seat facing rear

it will have everything you need to buy or sell real estate and a few things that just make the process that much more fun

feel free to contact us to discuss the builds, your needs and wants in real estate, or whatever seems good and right in the moment


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