“Ms. Davis has been inspirational”

"I did not know that people existed with the compassion, love, and human kindness that she has for each individual.  Ms. Davis has been inspirational and her uniqueness is rare.  She continues to help change my life as well as the life of every individual she encounters or interacts with...  ...Words could never express the gratitude, love, and respect I have for her.  Thank you for being the wonderful, spectacular person that you are."

          - M. Davison

“She exudes caring”

"I've known Dominique for about 8 years and worked with her on various projects.  She exudes caring and demonstrates her desire to help people realize their dreams with heartfelt listening, wise and innovative ideas, and a helping hand."


— Angela Renkoski, Magazine & Book editor

"Dominique and Evan are fabulous people!” Dominique and I were in the same Toastmasters club, which she took by storm, winning best speaker, best evaluator, best everything over and over again. And we are in the Coronado Rotary club together, where again she has taken our club by storm, impressing everyone with her sincerity, openness and willingness to serve our community in so many ways. I trust them both completely and recommend them without reservation to anyone looking for an agent who will be honest, fair, and put the client's best

— Bob Schoultz, Captain United States Navy (retired)


“Dominique brings her passion.”

"Dominique brings her passion to everything we do together. When I'm with her, I feel everything is possible."

— Alison Hentges, Coranado Auxiliary Volunteer, Historian, Writer

“She’s a gift to the world.”

"Dominique brings light, love, and grace to everyone she meets. She is a gift to the world!"

Suzanne Manuel, Past President - Rotary Club of Coronado


“Dominique has this natural way to hold REAL space for one to live, breathe and feel love”

"In finding a place to rest my head, capture my spirit and feed my entire being at the end of a day or the beginning of a new era, there are few people I would trust to help me seek the real space I need and want.  Dominique and her partner, Evan, are some of those few I would trust to help me navigate my way to my new home.

— Leslie Handorf

“I could feel the connectendness”

"From speaking with Dominique, I could feel the connectedness she has to what she's doing. It's beautiful to witness, and it makes me so happy to see her spreading the love and awareness to an industry that's in need of it." 

— Lou Redmon, Author


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